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Upcoming Travel & Workshops

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Caribbean Fetish Fest June 17th-26th
Despite my recent issues with renewing my passport I am still planning to attend and present workshops at Caribbean Fetish Fest. I am holding out hope that the government has ironed out whatever issue they had and that I will receive my passport in time to make this event.
The event coordinator/promoter has yet to choose the classes from my current curriculum but I will update that when I hear from him. I am hoping he will choose the water torture class as this is one of the few venues in the world that I could present it!

Denver Sessions July 7th-17th
While I will be in Denver the 6th-18th of July I will only be accepting appointments the 7th-17th. As these appointments will be held at a rental location I will be taking appointments in advance, as well as a deposit, to secure the rental location. Deposits can be paid with a moneypak or you may make other arrangements with me to pay your deposit when you schedule your appointment.

Keep in mind that scheduling in advance allows me to pack any specific items needed to fulfill your fantasy session. Without advance notice your session will be limited to the items of my choice that I tend to travel with.

Thunder in the Mountains July 8th-10th
I will be available to take sessions during the Thunder in the Mountains event. Sessions must not conflict with my workshop presentations.

Workshops to be presented are as follows:
Casting the Scene- Plaster Casting
Infusing Your Kink- Saline Infusions
Please review the Thunder in the Mountains website schedule to keep apprised of any change in workshops.

In the Woods July 28th-July 31st (ON HOLD)
If this event finds a new venue I will be unavailable for sessions July 28th-31st. This event is currently on hold. While I committed my time to teaching two classes on Friday, July 29th and Saturday, July 30th it seems the event is searching for new campgrounds. As the current campgrounds are being sold and the coordinators have not secured a new location, as yet, it is unsure if I will be presenting for this event. I will update this page with further details.
Classes slated to present:
Dehumanization- Pet and Furniture Play
Casting the Scene- Plaster Casting