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A Lovely Kinky Poem

Saturday, May 24th, 2014

A few days ago I was reading my twitter feed and a few posts in a row came up from @servesyourneeds These posts were playful and sincere poems that he was writing for fun. He stated he would be happy to write a personalized poem for anyone that requested it. Being a lover of the written word and even more so of poetry I wrote to him. In response, he sent me this fantastic poem:
Within the dungeon of the Sacred Grove
Lies an exotic treasure trove
Teacher, poet, priestess, shaman
The incomparable Domina Carmen

Hair like night and eyes of fire
She is your object of desire
Manipulating mind and soul
Serving her will become your goal

An hourglass figure, feet to worship
Whatever she demands is worth it
To feel her fingers around your heart
Hoping you will never part

Should you prove yourself as worthy
To let her lead you on your journey
Pushing your out to your limits
Expanding your mind and all that’s in it

In Zurich, Domina Carmen waits
She is your kismet, she is your fate
Like the mirror hung on the wall
You’ll see she’s the fairest Domina of all

With much thanks and appreciation to @servesyourneeds on Twitter

Carmen’s Labyrinth Grand Opening Special!

Saturday, May 10th, 2014

I had a soft opening of my new dungeon facility two months ago. I took a while evaluating the space to perfect the layout and usability, now that I have worked out the kinks 😉 I am having a Grand Opening. For the remainder of this month I am running a special for first time submissives, the first hour is 300.00 CHF instead of 500.00 CHF. If you reference this post upon scheduling your appointment you will receive this special rate throughout the month. No matter how many sessions you book, or how many hours you schedule you will receive this rate for the first hour of each appointment. Schedule your appointment(s) as soon as possible, as my calendar is filling up quickly!