All testimonials are excerpts from unsolicited emails received from those who have visited me over the years. I have posted these fragments with the approval of each author and despite their consent I have anonymized their statements for respect of privacy.

Even as astute and sensitive as you are, I can’t believe you realize how much you do for me. My life is, and has beenenriched in some wonderful ways, by some fine people. But the benefit I gain from my visits to you is without comparison in my experience.
I look forward to our next encounter.

~t, Seattle, WA

Thank you for being so gracious. It is always an honor to meet with you. As I stated verbally earlier tonight, I am so grateful to you for helping me to embrace a very important aspect of myself that I spent decades trying to suppress.
With gratitude and the highest esteem,

~J, Seattle, WA

Hope you had a good trip back to Seattle.
I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful time while you were here. The sessions were groundbreaking, fascinating and captivating. The Friday night outing was really fun.

~R, Los Angeles, CA

my Muse my Mistress
Goddess of the Song
this is a pledge from this day on
that I will now submit to all by You
for as long and hard as You desire,
until perhaps I do expire.
That is,
I hope to serve You well and long for many years,
for many, many years
a lifetime of good service – or until our ways do part-
both within Your sacred dungeon and without,
if You consider me so worthy of the honor.
And so I will continue on to serve and learn with pride,
to strive and stumble through the pain
toward the vision You have shown me.

~pokey, Seattle, WA

i wanted to write to You, and tell You again that i am so grateful for You. thank You for punishing me, and taking the time to teach me. i appreciate You. i am more grateful than i know how to properly express.

~k, Seattle, WA

I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and I feel very
good about participating in such an amazing production. Your skills
as visionary were outstanding, and I greatly admire your abilities as an
artist and leader within the SM Community.
I feel very grounded and appreciative.

~d, Seattle, WA

I have thought often of you these past weeks-I treasure the time and experience. Your touch, voice and presence are intoxicating and illuminating in so many ways. I have come to the following conclusions:
My experience with you was exceptional.
You as a person were exceptional and touched a piece of me I did not know existed.
I regret being so far away fromthe personwho might be willing to teach me such a great deal about myself.
I wish to continue learning and serving.

~D, New York

i did enjoy our last session immensely and can hardly wait to see you again. i truly wish to do nothing more than please you in what ever way i possibly can. i will be patiently waiting for a return message, and eagerly awaiting your arrival so that I may serve and worship the world’s most talented and beautiful Domina.
Sincerely your slave for life,

~vince, Minneapolis, MN

Wow! I think it was for me a major breakthrough. I am glad you fell into that role and transitioned from one viewpoint to another. I would love to explore that further.
Thank you again,

~d.t. Spokane, WA

Domina, my session with You was the most intense experience i have had! You were a wonderful teacher, and the next dayi had a series of business meetings, and had a reminder of the night before every time i satdown! ijust thoughtYou’d enjoy hearing more about that lasting impression!

~NJD, St. Paul, MN

Thank You for the other night. You really know how to mess with my head. It’s so cool. You want to know what is funny, i would crawl back inside (the vacuum bed) anytime You told me to do so. It’s a trust thing and i do trust You. i think of the Chinese proverb, “a 1,000 mile journey starts with a single step”. The challenge is daunting but it was one that i accept.
Yours to own,

~piggy, Everett, WA

You are such an amazing woman I really enjoy being around you. I hope we can continue to explore my limits, since you do know my limits better than me.
To the most stunning Goddess of all, thank you.

~tony, TN

Thank you for a wonderful session yesterday.i am still tingling. i think you are the most wonderful dominant in the world. I look forward to seeing you again soon…
Your simpering, tights-clad,

~ballerina barbie boy

Thank you so much for an amazing and mind expanding session on Saturday. One of the great joys that I find in these sessions is the opportunity to achieve extreme focus.blocking out all other thoughts, worries, sensations.there is nothing but what you are doing to me. That level of focus is something I find rare in life and something I value highly. Thank you so much for helping me re-enter that space. Many of the things that we explored are things I would enjoying taking to greater and greater extremes under your skilled hands. I look forward to such opportunities. Also thank you very much for your honest and open conversation. As I mentioned I keep a low profile in my more alternative explorations so the opportunity to exchange insights and information with someone of your background was a real pleasure.

~Matthew, Seattle, WA

I just wanted to drop a note to say how much I enjoyed the two hours I spent underneath your control in Denver.
When you opened the door and I first saw you I thought you were hot but after spending two hours with you I also thought you were beautiful.
Your devoted slave,

~Michael, Denver, CO

It has been such a dream of mine that there could be an intelligent, perceptive Priestess of the dark depths to whom i could turn for further exploration of bondage and discipline, of submission, of sacred ritualized masochism to the edge, where the explorations could be physically safe, and yet leave `role playing’ absolutely dead in the dust. There was a time when i gave up hope that a `pro domme’ could go there with me. But i also had to relinquish the dream that a personal partner could do so, for different reasons. It seemed there was nowhere to turn.
Then i read Your philosophical ruminations and i found that hope reborn. Everything i have experienced of You thus far leads me to believe i have found that Priestess. i am seeing You as a shaman, a visionary, a guide who can – and will – force open the way into rich dark chasms of the sacred mind – for both of U/us. It is clear You have depth and breadth of knowledge beyond my ownabout these realms. i feel i can simply trust You to lead the way. More vitally, i know i can trust You to be authentic, because i know this is not a game for You, as it is not for me.
We spent 3 or 4 hours together and it was spectacular for me – I hope it was a good experience from your end as well. At the end we spoke and I fear I was too impacted to carry a meaningful conversation – to ask the many questions I might have shared, and such. It is lovely to imagine further explorations with You, in any and all of the diverse arenas where possibilities might arise. It is clear to me that You can be a powerful teacher for me, and also that it is my responsibility to find ways for that to become real.
So, i view You as a Teacher and Priestess, a soul Guide into the dark corners i need to explore. i see Your gift. i want to honor it, and serve You.

~r.h., Denver, CO

Thank You Domina, for the fantastic session yesterday. I don’t recall having a more pleasurable session. You knew exactly what I needed and what to do. I loved Your electric touch and Your smokey breath. I can still smell the smoke and feel the ashes.
Needless to say, I can’t wait to have another session with You.
Thanks again for an unforgettable experience.
Your ashtray,

~ron, Vancouver, B.C.

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