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Atlanta Visit Dec 9-12

Saturday, December 3rd, 2011

I enjoyed Atlanta so much I’m coming back for more!  There will be a December heatwave from the 9th-12th while I’m in town warming backsides!

Sessions will take place once again in Goddess Cheyenne’s Opulent Dungeon.  Double Domme sessions with the lovely Goddess Cheyenne and myself will also be available.

Please make any toy requests in advance to make sure my bags are properly packed for this visit.  Schedule soon.

I look forward to seeing you southern boys again!

Atlanta Visit Oct. 29th-Nov. 4th

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

I will be visiting Atlanta from October 29th- November 4th. I am happy to announce I will be taking appointments in Goddess Cheyenne’s Opulent Dungeon.

Double Domme sessions will be available with Goddess Cheyenne and myself during this visit as well. Contact either one of us for inquiries or scheduling.

As usual I will be prepared for corporal, electrical, fetish worship, sensation, basic medical, dehumanization, psychological torment, humiliation, and basic bondage. For more elaborate sessions or specific requests contacting me prior to travel will insure your session desires.

As this is my birthday trip I will be offering reduced rates to anyone who wishes to see me solely to receive my birthday swats with any impact implement.

Please schedule all appointments in advance to secure your session time. All fetish and toy requests made in advance will have priority in my packing as well.

I look forward to playing with you southern perverts!

Caribbean Fetish Fest Update

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

It looks like I have finally received word on classes for Caribbean Fetish Fest. I will be presenting:
1. Water Torment
2. 9 1/2 Weeks
3. Slippery Nipple
4. Between His Legs
5. Between Her Legs
6. A Fist That Hits Like a Kiss
7. S/m Seduction
8. My Pole Is Bigger Than Your Pole
9. Pet And Furniture Play
10. The Art Of The Golden Shower
In addition to teaching these workshops I will also be doing three of my own fetish performances and assisting in performances with other artists.
This event is looking better and better every day! I’m so excited to share in the fetish festivities!

Upcoming Travel & Workshops

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Caribbean Fetish Fest June 17th-26th
Despite my recent issues with renewing my passport I am still planning to attend and present workshops at Caribbean Fetish Fest. I am holding out hope that the government has ironed out whatever issue they had and that I will receive my passport in time to make this event.
The event coordinator/promoter has yet to choose the classes from my current curriculum but I will update that when I hear from him. I am hoping he will choose the water torture class as this is one of the few venues in the world that I could present it!

Denver Sessions July 7th-17th
While I will be in Denver the 6th-18th of July I will only be accepting appointments the 7th-17th. As these appointments will be held at a rental location I will be taking appointments in advance, as well as a deposit, to secure the rental location. Deposits can be paid with a moneypak or you may make other arrangements with me to pay your deposit when you schedule your appointment.

Keep in mind that scheduling in advance allows me to pack any specific items needed to fulfill your fantasy session. Without advance notice your session will be limited to the items of my choice that I tend to travel with.

Thunder in the Mountains July 8th-10th
I will be available to take sessions during the Thunder in the Mountains event. Sessions must not conflict with my workshop presentations.

Workshops to be presented are as follows:
Casting the Scene- Plaster Casting
Infusing Your Kink- Saline Infusions
Please review the Thunder in the Mountains website schedule to keep apprised of any change in workshops.

In the Woods July 28th-July 31st (ON HOLD)
If this event finds a new venue I will be unavailable for sessions July 28th-31st. This event is currently on hold. While I committed my time to teaching two classes on Friday, July 29th and Saturday, July 30th it seems the event is searching for new campgrounds. As the current campgrounds are being sold and the coordinators have not secured a new location, as yet, it is unsure if I will be presenting for this event. I will update this page with further details.
Classes slated to present:
Dehumanization- Pet and Furniture Play
Casting the Scene- Plaster Casting

Teaching at Kink in the Caribbean

Sunday, October 10th, 2010

It looks like I will be heading off to Kink in the Caribbean to teach several workshops. From October 30th through November 6th I will be enjoying the sun in between classes, performances and fetish parties. I have been slated to teach:

Breaking the Skin: Introductory Piercing
Beneath the Skin: Advanced Piercing
Infuse Your Kink: Saline Infusions
Casting the Scene: Plaster Casting
Fire Me Up: Fire Play
Suck This: Fire Cupping
Flesh For Fantasy: Sensation Play

I look forward to the opportunity to share information, make connections and enjoy the sun. As this event runs right before my birthday it will be the first time I’ve ever had the opportunity to enjoy sunny warm weather close to my birthday, which is on November 7th.

I hope to have the opportunity to continue teaching and sharing techniques and information at other events in the near future.


Saturday, August 14th, 2010

It looks like Seattle may once again put itself on the kinky map. We are involved in negotiations for not just one but two monthly fetish events.

If all goes well, I will be performing in two separate BDSM troops. As we are still in negotiations for one of the recurring events I’ll hold off on it’s announcement. However, I can proudly say that Sam St. Michael has once again worked her magic and set up the first, hopefully of many, fetish nights at Club Heavens. The debut of this event is tentatively set for Thursday, May 13th. So pull on your latex knickers and buckle up your favorite restraints and prepare yourself for a Seattle kink uprising.

Montreal Fetish Weekend Sept. 1-7

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

As of this last weekend, I have been confirmed to present at this years Montreal Fetish Weekend. I will be teaching a saline infusion workshop on Sunday, September 5th.

While in Montreal I am accepting sessions the 2-4 and the 6-7 between the hours of 12:00pm and 8:00pm. Please schedule your appointment in advance as you will need to make a $50 deposit to guarantee your session time. If I have any availability left when I arrive in Montreal sessions will still be scheduled one day in advance with a small deposit to confirm your appointment.

Contact me right away to schedule your fetish fantasy session.

I will also be a back up presenter at Folsom Fringe this year. If, for some reason, another presenter is unable to teach as scheduled I will be filling in for them. This is a terrific event to support, so even if you hadn’t planned on it consider attending.

Minneapolis Trip July 15th-20th

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

I am once again planning to be in the Twin Cities for a brief visit from July 15th-20th. I am already fully booked for Saturday, July 17th. Schedule your appointments in advance to insure your booking. I look forward to seeing both my loyal slaves and new submissives, bottoms and pets.

Long Journey

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

After a long and enjoyable trip to Spain, Malta, Germany and New York I arrived home safely and quite ill. I managed to follow through with my wisdom teeth removal and have healed up nicely from both the illness and surgery. During my healing time I took the opportunity to reorganize and complete some long awaited changes in the dungeon. I am proud to say thanks to the help of my little mouse my dungeon has finally reached a new level of both functional and aesthetic beauty. Those of you who have been visiting Dungeon Deydia for the last 8 years have been witness to it’s growth and changes in a multitude of ways. I’m quite sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the current changes and future finishing touches.


Thursday, December 24th, 2009

I will be in

Barcelona from December 30th- January 1st

Malta from January 2nd- January 8th

Frankfurt from January 9th-10th

Heidelberg from January 11th-12th

New York January 13th- 18th

I will be attending the New York Rubberball and participating in the Miss Rubberworld contest on January 17th. If you are in the area stop in and show your support.

I will be available for sessions in those locations on the dates posted. Please email to schedule your appointment.

Happy Holi-daze!