Domina Carmen is a model, performer, body modification practitioner, artist, lifestyle and ProDomme. She has been exploring body modification technique, spirituality and safety practices since her early teens which she continues to keep updated on.

She has been exploring her fetishes since age 17 initially becoming involved in the Minneapolis scene. She constructed her first dungeon in St. Paul in 2000 then relocated to Seattle a year later, maintaining both dungeons for two years before closing the Minneapolis location. She is a skilled and articulate educator and teaches workshops on various topics worldwide. She has taught at private events in Malta, Montreal Fetish Weekend, Center for Sex Positive Culture, Twisted Tryst, Kink in the Caribbean, Thunder in the Mountains, Caribbean Fetish Fest and taught classes privately out of Dungeon Deydia.

As an active member of the Queer community since the age of 17 she offers an open and respectful learning environment for all.  Bringing her love for writing and kinky desires together she was a regular contributor to The Seattle Sinner from 2007-2008. Her articles discussed various BDSM and fetish interests through stories, real life accounts and essays. As a fetish performer she regularly worked with BDSM Teddy’s Bondage Troop, Hoyden Gear by Sam St. Michael and Plan B from 2004-20011 and performed at Caribbean Fetish Fest 2011.

Over the years she has come to greatly enjoy the interaction that can be had in a classroom setting where she has the opportunity to give back to the community through teaching. She welcomes individuals, couples and groups to learn in a relaxed environment.

Private classes are available for Dominants, submissives or couples who wish to continue to build their skills in various areas of Dominant and submissive interactions, relationships, implements, application and structured service training. If you are interested in learning a skill that you do not see a class description for please contact Domina Carmen to discuss construction of your class.


While I am constantly constructing new classes and demonstrations my current curriculum is as follows:
Infusing Your Kink- Saline Infusions
Breaking The Skin- Beginning Piercing
Beneath The Skin- Advanced Piercing
Temporary Body Modifications
Casting The Scene- Plaster Casting
Fire Me Up- Fire Play
Suck This- Fire Cupping
Flesh For Fantasy- Sensation Play
9 1/2 Weeks- Food seduction class for couples or parties in a fun, seductive and non-messy approach
Water Torture- Exploring the history, safety, and methods of various methods of water play and torment
Roleplay- Roleplay Concepts & Application
Tea For Two- Service Techniques
D/s- Etiquette & Training
Dirty Talk- Words As Foreplay
The Art Of The Golden Shower
S/m Seduction- Kink as foreplay. Explore the various methods of spicing things up for pure pleasure
Slippery Nipple- Nipple torment explorations through sensation, temporary modification and devices
Between Her Legs- Tormenting, seducing and taunting the female genitals
Between His Legs- A counterpart class to Between Her Legs exploring torment, teasing and denial of the male genitals
Urethral Fucking- In an advanced methodology to CBT (cock and ball torment) explore the shaft of his cock from the inside out with sounds, plugs and other unique devices
A Fist That Hits Like A Kiss- The many faces of corporal punishment explored through safety, implements and creative techniques
Dehumanization- From pet to furniture play discover new ways to put your partner in their place for your pleasure
This Town Needs An Enema- Various methods of cleansing and tormenting with standard and creative materials including enema additives, implants and retention techniques
Deconstructionalism- Behavior Modification
Cleaning Methods
Smoke Rings- Cigarette Play
A Dance of Flirtation- Introduction to seducing your partner through lap dances
My Pole Is Bigger Than Yours- Introduction to pole dancing through stretches and basic moves
Exploring the Violet Wand- Explore the many uses of the violet wand including, sensation, fire and branding

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