I have had various inquiries about top, Domme and ProDomme training over the years. The construction of many of my classes came out of necessity for just such situations. However, there are many who seek a more well rounded induction into kink. For those who have an interest in learning more than just the technical skills of BDSM I have decided to open up my mentoring program. In years past this was something I have done solely for close friends. With greater numbers of people asking for this ‘internship’ I have decided to mentor people on a discretionary basis.

This mentorship is not based on a monetary exchange, nor is it a trade. It is a mixture of Old Leather Guard and New Leather Guard training which means each trainee starts from the bottom and works their way up the ladder allowing them to ‘earn their leathers’.

I will only take a limited number of trainees at a time. Each individual must sign into an agreed upon contract of commitment to their training for a specific time period to be no less then one year in duration.

Mentor development includes: leather history, etiquette, technical skills, safety, and helping each individual develop their own ‘style’ and passions.

If this type of intensive training appeals to you please contact me via email.


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