Contact Etiquette:

Remember, until I have agreed to engage in a formal BDSM interaction with you, that I will address you kindly and with respect. If your interests include aspects of verbal defilement, Female Superiority, dehumanization or other forms of debasement these areas will not be broached until I initiate a formal interaction. If you continue to insist on role playing, story telling or any other form of inappropriate interaction without my consent I will discontinue the dialogue. Until I have agreed that we have shared interests and that we would have a mutually satisfying engagement, I will treat you as an equal.

When emailing include the following information:
Be sure to address the message.
Include any experience, or lack thereof, within BDSM.
Explain to the best of your ability, without being verbose, what your interests and limitations are.
Be articulate and respectful. Use spell check and proper grammar.
Sign your name and any relevant contact information in such case that it differs from the email address you sent the mail from.
Emails received with one line will not be answered.

These guidelines are in place to help you initiate an engaging, mentally stimulating and mutually satisfying experience.

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