Meeting Preparations

My fully equipped facility is kept in sanitary condition. I use medical grade cleaning products to sterilize my facility and my toys. I expect all visitors to take their hygiene seriously. Before your arrival properly prepare yourself by showering. Urinate and defecate prior to your appointment. Refrain from the use of colognes, aftershave, hair products or any other scented body products. I take great care to insure your health and safety and hope you too will clean yourself in consideration of our interaction.

It is best that your system be as pure and non-polluted as possible for our first meeting. Caffeine must be discontinued at least one hour prior to session. Drugs, alcohol and caffeine affect your body and your reactions in ways that cannot always be accounted for. Based on the fallibility of the intoxicated mind to process information properly it is unwise and unsafe to proceed in any BDSM activity. I advise these restrictions for your personal safety. These limits are not just a safeguard professionally, they are personal and ethical standards as well. If I find you attend our session while under the influence of any substance I will terminate the interaction and you will be asked to leave without refund.

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