Loyalty Sessions:
Three one hour sessions in one month paid up front: 900 CHF
Hourly Rates:
In Person Consultation 150 CHF
Guidance, advice and life coaching 250 CHF
Introductory or Exploration 500 CHF first hr

300 CHF each additional hr

Specialized Medical, Latex or Ritual 600 CHF
(Latex fees are hourly. Extended session rates do not apply.)
Photos during session additional 100 CHF
Video during session additional 175 CHF


Sessions extending three hours or more:
Extended Session (3 hours) 950 CHF
Overnight Session (7 hours) 1,500 CHF
24 hour Session (with 6-8 hours rest) 2,500 CHF
24 hour Session (without rest) 3,800 CHF
Immersion (7 hours) 1,400 CHF
D/s Immersion (day and night, 14 hours) 2,100 CHF

Additional daily travel compensation 350 CHF /national 700 CHF /international. Business class airfare and proper accommodations required.

Contact Domina Carmen for information regarding workshops.


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