Each scene is constructed for the individual based on a pre-session interview.

A first time consultation gives you the opportunity to meet with me and establish a rapport prior to session. In this conversation you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have, become familiar with my approach and demeanor and to discuss the pursuit of our interests.

Counsel is available for a variety of situations. Advice is intended to provide assistance to those struggling with reconciling their BDSM desires and their daily life or looking to integrate the two. Guidance is designed for couples traversing difficulties in their BDSM interaction or who simply need further information for the exploration of their lifestyle. Life coaching is accessible for those who seek to improve themselves and need additional motivation outside of structured training.

Introductory sessions are intended to expose those new to BDSM intrigues to a variety of aspects of the scene.
Exploration scenes are designed for those who enjoy a variety activities and wish to expand their experiences both within their interests and possibly beyond.

Classes are available in each of my areas of expertise as well as my general interests. I have taught classes at the CSPC, Twisted Tryst, Kink in the Caribbean, private events in Malta, Thunder in the Mountains, Caribbean Fetish Fest and privately to individuals in my local community and ProDom/me’s including Mistress Katja, Master Devon, Mistress Matisse and Sam St. Michael. I’ve also performed in numerous fetish events over the years with several BDSM and Fetish troops including SNM Underground/Hoyden Gear, BDSM Teddy’s Bondage Troop and Plan B.

Areas I Will Not Engage In

I will disregard any inquiries for sessions that include animals, children, drugs and illegal activities. I also will not engage in: scat, infantilism, sex-slavery, wrestling, mutilation or permanent harm. As always, my play is of a professional standard and at no time includes any sexual contact of any type including oral, strap-on or manual. You are expected to respect the same personal and professional boundaries of privacy that I extend to you. Physical contact will be limited to body worship at my discretion and does not include my posterior, genitals or breasts. Expect a comfortable yet formal interaction with firm boundaries on physical interaction.


Dominance and submission

In BDSM there are mind opening and psychological training catalysts that can be truly enrapturing. Though I have chosen fields of expertise, I enjoy the full spectrum of BDSM, admittedly my preferences lean toward more intellectually stimulating situations. Mental subterfuge is a powerful stimulant for me; the subtle interplay, emotional tapestry and resulting desire are unparalleled by basic social interactions. Creating a unique visual and verbal dialogue for each situation is tremendous fuel for any scene and gratifying in and of itself. Imagine a mental dance where you are finally released of any burden and allowed to follow an insightful and intuitive guide.


Picture the same interaction, as described above, played out in a restaurant, on a plane, at the theater or an art show without anyone else any the wiser. Consider the excitement of such a taboo exchange under the nose of so many oblivious to its very existence. Imagine my sly grin at your mental stimulation exchanged in such a discreet fashion in a public venue. Immersion allows you to explore lifestyle aspects of play and dominant companionship in an expanded time frame. The opportunity to interact in a social context allows me valuable insight and heightens our dynamic making it possible for us to pursue an evolutionary D/s bond. My guidance, advice and training are available during immersion scenes yet are dependent on what each situation calls for. This style of interaction can be diverse and complex with many different approaches, some possibilities are:
Dominant travel companion
Discrete humiliation performed in public venues
Torment, torture or bondage devices worn beneath your clothes
Shopping based on our mutual interests
Devious mind games during fine dining
Lighthearted and playful conversation
Kinky excursions to events locally or worldwide (Torture Garden, Kinkfest, Rubberball, etc.)

Latex and Rubber

Explore sensation, fetishes, confinement and more with my versatile collection of toys and garments. Encasement, vacuum, inflatable and breath play are only a few of the various ways we can enjoy this sexy material. I continue to procure unique and devious rubber and latex clothing and tools. Some notable items include: vacbed, inflatable sleep-sack, regular sleep-sack, posture collar and corset set, rebreather hood, straight jacket, arm binder, small encasement suit and a growing selection of both male and female clothing items.

Corporal Punishment

As a respected sadist, I have established myself at the forefront of corporal punishment practitioners. This spectrum of play includes whipping, spanking, caning and all other styles of impact play. I practice a sustainable style of S&M that allows masochistic growth. As the level of a masochist can vary from sensation to heavy play, I utilize my knowledge of this field to allow one’s endurance levels to slowly and progressively accrue.

Edge play

Once a foundation of trust has been firmly established the pursuit of boundary pushing becomes accessible. It is within this realm of “trance” BDSM that some of the most profound insights are found and intense bonds between Dominant and submissive are formed.

Servant and Slave Training

Be it houseboy, maid, valet, slave or something more specific, high protocol is my passion. There is a highly regimented structure and order to my intricately designed training methods. Servants undergo an intensive course that includes behavioral modification, cleaning, and position training as well as several other areas constructed specifically for each individual. While slave training entails an even more rigorous construct of training in each of my specialized fields. Through the foundation I have laid with my unique slave training methods, my slaves eventually attain a high degree of masochistic endurance and awareness as well as a broad spectrum of skills in submission.


Through this medium of domination I can touch on some of the inner-most fears and anxieties of a submissive and bring them to light. Everything from verbal ammunition to physical defamation catapults the submissive into a frame of mind where it is easier to touch on vulnerabilities, and in this way attune myself with them. In these scenarios I always appreciate sincere tears, groveling or even amusement of one’s own situation.
As sub-catagories of humiliation, I also have a passion for dehumanization, objectification and dollification. Ashtrays, ponies and plaster or latex dollies are a longtime love of mine. The very nature of this play is extremely titillating and through it’s diversity and multi-faceted implementations I love to explore the many variations of these forms of humiliation. The opportunity to turn someone into my choice of play toy is always an exciting prospect.


In my medical laboratory I have an extensive number of tests to conduct on patients. My broad spectrum of specialties in this field include: colonics, nipple torture, play or permanent piercing, cupping, hot and cold play, infusions, electrical, cock and ball torture, golden showers, body play and temporary or permanent body modification. A more extensive list of my interests in this area are listed below.

Encasement and Isolation

Encasement can be restrictive or completely immobilizing. With such a range of options I enjoy everything from latex encasement to mummification in it’s many varied applications and multiple wrapping options. Encasement can extend to islolation when appropriate. Once again the options with isolation are vast and can be as simple as being left in bondage for extended periods of time or more intense such as being locked in my incarceration chamber.

Fire Sensation

I enjoy a full range of fire sensation play from light wax to intense fire drumming and body lighting. The techniques and skills I use have been learned and developed over 10 years of fire experience.

Body Modification

Temporary body modification from corseting, 6 month brands, and hook suspension to permanent piercing, and decorative cutting are but a few of the options of play I offer. As a body mod practitioner for 16 years you will experience sterile and intelligently sculpted scenes.


While I feel every scene is ripe with ritual, establishment of a formal ritual is always an intensive, yet ultimately fulfilling process. Whether it is for the purpose of therapy, connection or an internal journey the undertaking of a ritual scene can be enlightening and rewarding on multiple levels. If there is a specific direction, interest or result you are seeking in a ritual interaction I would be happy to discuss the possibility of guiding you on your journey.

Other areas of expertise include yet are not limited to: financial domination, mummification, energy work, suspension, smoking scenes, sensory deprivation/overload, feminization fantasies, foot worship, trampling, chastity, tickling and psychological torment.

Here is a more complete list of my interests, it is by no means all inclusive. This list is intended as a guide or reference, not a shopping list. When detailing your interests giving an overall statement of which facet or areas your desires entail is sufficient. For example stating you are interested in CP, D/s and medical scenes but no blood sports. If you have questions about certain areas or terms I would be happy to help guide you.

Subjugation/slave training Collar and Leash
Interrogation Scenes maid training/domestic servitude
Power Exchange Ritual Scenes
Meal restrictions Forced dieting
Forced workout Position training
Sleep deprivation Forced evolution
Distance training Goddess worship (ritual)
Unique/creative role play Female Supremacy
Psychological rehabilitation Consensual Non-consensual scenes
Dominant Travel Companion D/s immersion
Behavior modification
Corporal Punishment:
Whipping Spanking/Over the Knee (OTK)
Nipple torture (NT) Flogging
Caning Trampling
Punching/Boxing Cock and ball torture (CBT)
Slapping Bastinado
Medical Play:
Play piercing Permanent piercing
Sounds Colonic/Enema
Cutting/Scarification Suturing
Branding/Scarification Stapling
Depilation/Hair removal Temporary Body Modification
Permanent Body Modification Cupping/suction
Phlebotomy/Bloodletting/Blood Draw Catheterization
Water Sports Body Play
Hook Suspension Cheek spears
Saline Infusion
Feminization Fantasies:
Dollification Forced feminization
Corseting Full transformation
Etiquette Make up Application
Hair styling Maid training
Castration Fantasy Beauty make over
Manicure lessons Pedicure lessons
Behavior Modification
Electrical Play:
Tens Unit Violet Wand
Magneto Cattle Prod
Stun gun Mini prod
Electreat Face Master
Electric Fence ErosTek
Shibari Cuffs
Shackles Predicament bondage
Spreader bar Suspension
Mummification Caging
Chastity Blindfold
Mask/Hood Chains
Rack/Stretching  Sleep sack
Gag Tape
Casting Vacuubed
Incarceration Body bags
Latex/rubber devices  Pantyhose
Asphyxiation/Breath Control:
Queening/Face sitting Gas Mask
Gag Strangulation
Smoke Inhalation Water Submersion
Smothering Bagging
Sensation Play:
Ice Candle wax
Nails Fire
Cream Feather
Tickle torture Deprivation/Overload
Pinching Wartenberg Wheel
Latex peeling Clamps
Podophilia (Foot Worship) Retifism (Boot/Shoe worship)
Smoking (cigarette/cigar) Leather
Collar and lead Lace/Lingerie
Latex/Rubber Panty hose/stockings
Barosmia (scent) Voyeurism
Edge Play:
Fire Whipping
Electrical Cutting
Play piercing Permanent piercing
Branding Breath play
Cigarette torture Psychological torment
Knife play Abduction scenes
Incarceration Heavy bondage
Verbal Predicament bondage
Neutering Dehumanization
Pony training Puppy training
Weight control Golden shower (G/S)
Spitting Klismaphilia (douche/enema)
Emasculation Food Play
Hair Pulling Kitten training
Dildo training Public humiliation
Sublimation Objectification
Minting Human ashtray
Financial Domination:
Blackmail Taxes/Penalties
Wallet Raping Shopping
Credit maxing Financial control
Money allowances Prepaid credit cards
Ownership Human ATM
Paid Travel
Teasing and Denial:
Key holding Cock and ball torture (CBT)
Tantra/Orgasm control

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