How to Properly Approach Me

How to Properly Approach Me

More and more we are coming to find mainstream acceptance of certain aspects of BDSM. With the rising interest in the
lifestyle comes a world of unknowing assumptions and misinformation on what domination is about. In the last 20 years the mainstream has slowly become more tolerant of BDSM through the means of media. Media’s exploitation, specifically through porn and sex magazines, has approached domination from a washed out and biased perspective therefore leaving a generation of partakers with only one impression of this lifestyle. Yet in truth there is a community much larger than one could ever fathom.

Beginning at one extreme we find those who seek entertainment, then those who truly enjoy the act of Domination and submission, all the way to those who wish to explore their limits and depths and push their boundaries. In this vast
spectrum we find a variety of different approaches and ideas on what Domination is. But to truly enjoy the interaction the participants must have a common basis of interests. This is intended to serve the purpose of giving those
interested in visiting me a better perspective on my enjoyments and how to avoid
making a critical error in contacting me.

In seeing so many make the mistake of approaching me and expecting their needs to be fulfilled I realized they simply were not educated in how to properly seek out a Domme and speak to her, or they were looking for someone who enjoyed different aspects of Domination.

What I enjoy is someone respectful, responsive and open-minded. I thoroughly enjoy masochists, explorers’ and servants. I love the submissive who purely finds satisfaction in the act of serving me in any capacity. I have a soft spot for generous submissives; it is always pleasant and appropriate when someone gives me a thoughtful gift. I find
pleasure in on-going training relationships, as I believe there is more satisfaction found when there is a history of common experiences that can be built upon. And what turns me on the most is the intelligent submissive who can be mentally stimulating. The largest erogenous zone in the body being the brain, it is always satisfying when someone is capable of engaging communication at the appropriate times.

What I do not enjoy is the demanding submissive who comes to me with expectations. Presenting me with a list of demands is the easiest way to find yourself turned away. I do not enjoy those who are manipulative, passive aggressive, purposely disobey for punishment or “top from the bottom.” To elaborate on the latter, topping from the bottom is someone who likes to direct the dominant. I am not one who plays a ‘role’ or likes a scripted scene unless it is for therapeutic purposes.

For those who have specific interests and who wish to see me you should be aware that your interests are respected. If we have compatibility than I will enact my favorite areas of our shared intrigues based on your limitations.

Some advice for those interested in specific acts is to find a Dominant with similar interests to you. If you are unsure of a Domme’s specialties then when you contact her be as specific with terms as you are capable. Tell her your experience, or lack thereof, then find out if these are things she enjoys. If they are, then inquire if she is interested in seeing you. Do not expect every Domme to play the same and have the same specialties. Do not call and demand or expect an appointment. Realize that she doesn’t know you any better than you know her and she may expect a more extensive application. Some Domme’s wish to know if you suit their interests, so it is best to keep in mind that this should be an enjoyable interaction for you both.

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