Pet Training

Pet Training

This is a widely discussed and very controversial topic even within the BDSM community. There are many approaches,
theories and reasons for people to enjoy pet play. But what is pet training?

First, to clarify, animal play has nothing to do with real animals. If however, you witness the use of live animals
in a scene contact the local authorities along with any animal abuse hotline or shelter, as this has nothing to do with BDSM and is unhealthy for all parties involved!

Getting down to specifics, pet play is a form of dehumanization where a person is dressed and trained to take on the role of a specific animal. One of the most common forms of pet training is pony play. In this role play a person is trussed up in a harness, headgear and saddle and taught to behave as a horse would. Their saddle serves as a seat for the Domme to ride them publicly or privately to show off their skills as a well-versed trainer. The ‘pony’ may be taught jumps, running, walking, trotting or other tricks to showcase their skills as a well trained stallion.

Puppy play is another common form of animal training. Who doesn’t want a dog who follows commands to roll over, sit, fetch, potty when directed, and follow all instructions? It is quite pleasing to walk down the street with a puppy on a leash who will defend its owner, bark at unwanted intruders, perform tricks, and be loyal and appreciative of its owner.

Pet training, animal play, or any other term used to explain this type of interaction can take many forms and can be applied to any type of animal you desire to train and own. While I have used the examples of pony and puppy play there are a plethora of animals I have seen and trained over the years. One such example was my personal kitty cat who was a tiger, house cat or feral stray depending on the day and desires of that interaction.

Breaking down pet play is not a simple task. There are many elements to this type of BDSM and much of the time not all of these concepts come into use with each individual. Generally speaking it can be dehumanization, humiliation, submission, bondage, roll play and punishment.

Some submissives want a complete lack of control; wish to be taught to act and play a specific role without any personal input. Animal training gives them the freedom to simply follow orders. The aspect of humiliation can be liberating for those who need controlled chastisement but do not necessarily wish for it to be put into realistic terms. That idea is similar in the case of a puppy who is punished for soiling the carpet, possibly they need the idea of punishment but not a literal example analogous to their real life situations.

In any of these forms of play the object is obedience and following directions. The submissive takes pride in being capable of performing as ordered and the Dominant appreciates the pet for their learned behavior.

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