A Foot Fantasy

A Foot Fantasy

Slipping on your shoes is usually the most ordinary experience. But what happens when you know that someone is going to be looking at your feet? You are walking down the street and notice several people are watching your feet as you walk past. Maybe in this parallel world where the foot fetishist is the norm, your beautiful feet really do stand out. Now that you realize this what should you do? Let’s explore the possibilities…

In the first scenario you walk into a cafe to get a coffee and a man dressed in a three piece suit drops to the floor right in front of the counter blocking your path. You are in a hurry and need to make your way to work and are running late from all of your morning errands. What should you do in this situation? Why, walk across him of course. This gentleman thinks your feet are so perfect he wants to lie beneath them and offer himself up to you as your very own carpet. Step on up to the counter, making sure to tread heavily across his body, take a firm stance on a delicate body part and order your coffee. Once you’ve received your order make a hard heel, turning about face and trample across him on your way out, not stopping once to look back.

After leaving the coffee shop you’re on your way to the bank where you work as a manager. Through a store window
you spot the cutest pair of shoes and you decide to step in and try them on. The two male and one female store clerks fumble about trying to avail themselves to your needs. The woman points to the cute pump that had caught your eye and asks if you might be interested in trying them on. You are impressed with her keen observation and tell her your size. As she kneels before you to help you try on your shoes she lifts up your foot and slides your toe into her mouth. What is the correct thing to do when such an opportunity presents itself? Tell her not to neglect the rest of your foot with her tongue. Once she finishes bathing your foot with her mouth you purchase your new pair of f*ck me heels. On your way out the door you tell her you’ll be back in a few days to have her finish what she started.

You finally arrive at the bank and upon walking in the door you immediately realize something is not right. A couple of guards are standing next to the door bickering and it is obviously distressing the rest of the employees. You make your way over to them and tell them to silence themselves and follow you to your office. You close the door behind them and order them to sit down next to each other in front of your desk. You tell them they need to learn to work well together so you will assign them a task that will force them to do just that. You sit on your desk facing them and take off your shoes and direct them to listen closely. You instruct one of them to massage your feet while the other one paints your toe nails. If they are incapable of working together you may end up with polish all over your feet, so they better learn to communicate and cooperate or they will both lose their jobs. They discuss their task and proceed with
no issues and the rest of the day continues without any further arguments.

At the end of the day you arrive home to your lover who is waiting with open arms. You sit down to eat and while you enjoy your dinner you receive a full foot massage.

In this parallel world of foot oriented fetishism your lovely feet have given many people the gift and pleasure of appreciating your gorgeous arches, toes and heels. Enjoy the experience!

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