adDRESSing The Fetish

adDRESSing the Fetish

I peel off my t-shirt, unwrap my skirt and let it shimmy off my hips. I then slide off my bra and slip out of my panties. I am disrobed. I glide my hand across my clothing rack letting the feel of each garment caress my tender palm. My fingertips brushing against each item casually testing the weight and texture, seeking out what feels right at this moment. Latex, lingerie or leather, which one will it be today? Each garment has a different significance, each material a different appeal. But all have the same intent, making me feel sexy.

It is not just the wearing of fetish clothing that arouses something in us. The actual act of picking out an outfit and putting it on can be equally gratifying. Each time I set foot into my wardrobe I am perfectly content to sit and look at
the the racks of clothes. I will organize my outfits repeatedly just as an excuse to fondle each garment. Just the sight of these items puts me at ease. I know that these are the shames of the outside world and in turn become my dirty
little secret. How taboo and naughty of me to dress in such a manor. It is not proper behavior for such an intelligent young lady. Of course, this makes me enjoy it that much more.

We play dress up as children to act adult. We want to emulate the things about others we find attractive. Dressing in fetish clothing is definitely an extension of that for some people. For others the material itself is the fetish. For me the two are not singularly exclusive. I cannot have one without the other. I think that women in leather, lingerie or latex look sexy and powerful. I also happen to enjoy the smell and texture of a well made garment.

Every time I prepare for a scene, as I strip off my clothes, I shed the outer world with these outer layers. I strip off the stress of the day, the frustration of an interaction, the constructs of society, the expectations of culture. This is an act of redemption. This is an act of reclamation. This is an act of freedom. As I ritualistically shed this body armor I look for a paradigm shift and a new second skin.

Today I don’t want to be sultry and fearless, so I look past the heavy leather dress with it’s body hugging shape. Today I want to be fierce and powerful, so I turn to my favorite leather low-rise shorts. Pulling those shorts up over my
hips I am acutely aware of my womanhood. A cleavage bearing, midriff exposing, butter soft leather top is the perfect complement. Feeling the top strap me in, supporting my breasts and accenting my waist, as if it is gathering me into a
sharpened state of self. These clothes serve a purpose. In these clothes I am who society fears and respects in one breath. In these clothes I am in my natural state without cause for justification or acceptance. Every outfit is a
different facet of my mind, heart and soul. Each piece of clothing reflects a different aspect of my personality.

Now that I have poured myself into this curve hugging ensemble the only thing left to do is find the right set of shoes to wear with it. But I’ll leave that thought to another day…

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