Sanguine Moon

Sanguine Moon

In celebration of…well, life this article will get bloody. Blood is after all the life source and what more intense way to play with someone then getting the sheets wet…or bloody?

I think of blood and many things come to mind, the most prominent being a particularly wonderful scene I did with two friends of mine. Being the hottest day of the year and having decided to film the scene there were many things that
made this a very intense situation. One being that I had pierced each of these women multiple times with wires, two being that they were bleeding heavily and therefore in constant need of nourishment and energy. Now the first thing that many people think in reviewing that thought is: why would one continue to do such a thing; why not stop? I ask this to them: what do you do to push yourself? How do you test your strength, examine your motives, cleanse your misdoings, explore your soul, face your fears?

I am not casting judgment on someone who doesn’t understand. What I am doing is making the point that there are many different approaches to dealing with our difficulties in life. What is more pure than facing your own mortality and
recognizing that all those issues are quite trivial in the big scheme of things?

I digress, there are many ways to play with blood, some very vulgar and some much more sensual. Now I may have chosen to thread wire through the tender flesh of my beautiful friends but I had many other options that I could have chosen. Some of the myriad ways blood sports manifest are: leeches, acupuncture needles, razors, sutures, cutting, tampons, teeth, nettles, blood bonding, red showers, syringes, piercing, knives and nails.

I’m sure I could have come up with a few other ideas but each scene is dependent on the participants, their intentions and the current mood of each person. Baring that in mind, I entered into the scene unsure of what to expect as I hadn’t prepared for the heat of the day. With such a difficult undertaking the entire scene balances on the ability to maintain a comfortable discomfort for the players. And that means setting realistic goals. My goals were easy: to take pleasure in connecting two women together with wire and play them like an instrument and to do this safely. Their goals were: to participate in an energy exchange of unique design and find out what they could discover from the experience and to enjoy the process.

Something that I am always humbled by is when someone trusts me enough to make them bleed. Just the fact that they have confidence that I will bring no permanent harm to them is humbling enough. But when they let me draw blood I feel truly honored. Blood is a sacrament, a boon to mortality and should be respected for it’s power of life. Just to have the opportunity for this exchange with these two people I felt absolutely blessed.

In the process of damaging the flesh with any implement endorphins release and the body defends itself. The rush of adrenaline from the flight or fight defense kicks in and our minds react to these chemical and physical reactions. To some these body changes are a release or a cleansing. Some even describe these corporeal sensations as enlightening, trancsendental, euphoric or even shamanic. Regardless of what personal descriptions are used the experience of putting a needle through ones flesh can be quite a test of inner strength.

How blood scenes should be set vary only slightly despite the playspace. I set a stage that I could maintain absolutely sterile standards in despite the adversity of space. It was paramount to keep each of these vixens in a good mental, emotional and physical environment. I went over the logistics and recognized my own limitations and accepted that I would need at least one valet to keep the scene running smoothly and maintain the sterile standard. What that
all boils down to is recognizing the most important facets of sculpting a blood sports scene are: proper training, preparation, sterility, safety and comfort.

Despite my need for preparation I was capable of implementing the scene as I designed and still improvise enough to surprise my pets with a couple of unexpected variations. With a balance of all the important facets and a few improvised surprises things went amazingly and I was given one final surprise of my own. As the day turned to night and the full moon rose the experience took on a whole separate meaning for me. As I then began my period on a true blood moon.

There are several local blood sports workshops, classes and resources. Anyone interested in making a bloody mess should take a blood borne pathogens course. Before undertaking such a serious and potentially dangerous endeavor make sure you have all the facts. Blood sports are a safety issue but when done properly can be quite enjoyable, enlightening, sexy or whatever else you would like them to be.

(As published for a local newspaper, this is the annotative and partial version of a much more explicit and lengthy story).

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