Dungeon Philosophy

‘Self discovery through sacred Domination’ is a term that embodies many area’s of BDSM though one area more than most- ritual. BDSM is ripe with ritual, we find it in the sights, sounds, smells, textures and movements. This is not a place to come to lose yourself; it is where you’ll be found. By pushing a submissives’ mental and physical stamina to the limits and exploring the hidden intrigues of the human mind, knowledge and inner strength can be attained. Through inventiveness and ingenuity training has progressed to a more fulfilling level of Dominant/submissive relations. Each scene is created specifically for the individual and directed so that both Domme and sub fully enjoy the experience. Through this progressive tactic freedom can be felt, though not always explained.

Dungeon Deydia is a comfortable atmosphere; whereas opposed to pretending to be who we are not, we can instead embrace fully who we are.

History of Goddess Dea Dia

Her ancient name places her as one of Italy’s original Goddesses, but little has survived the ages of Dea Dia. Prominent knowledge of the Goddess is of how well she was followed by the 12 Arval Brothers. Her servants , Fratres Arvales, a renowned college of priests who were charged with tending Dea Dia’s sacred grove on the Tiber River. So sacred was this laurel and oak grove that whenever a rotten limb fell in a storm or an old tree was blown to the ground, the Fratres had to offer lambs and sows in reparation.

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